Thursday, September 13, 2007

I've been on the go for the past few days.
Last Saturday, I was involved with the Career Fair held at Suntec City. Even though I was there only in the afternoon, it felt as if I was there for the whole weekend! It was so tiring and draining. I believed that during the hours I was there, I spoke to the most number of people in my entire life. Many apologies to those who approached me wanting to know more about the jobs available. I myself wasn't sure what I was talking about. All the best to all of you who submitted the application forms.
Sunday was a reunion of sorts with PT, HT, KT and Maia. The last time I saw Maia was back in Jan when we had the weekend in Batam and boy, has she grown much since then! Hopefully it wouldn't take so long for the next get together!
Tuesday, I attended a team-building course sponsored by my company and conducted by Focus Adventure. By far, its the most entertaining & best course I've attended so far. Can't remember having so much fun with strangers. Even thought the attendees are also from my company, they are all from different departments and subsidiaries, based throughout Singapore. Thus the chances of me working or even meeting them are slim to nothing!

The men outnumbered us like 3:1 so for most of the group activities, I somehow ended being the only chick in the team. By having the course held at Sentosa, it's like having a short holiday away from Singapore. Works wonder for me cos I'm getting sick of going to work! HR claimed that they'll be sending staff for at least 3 courses per annum. It's September and its my first for the year. I doubt they will squeeze 2 more for me by the eond of the year. Oh well, its better than nothing!
13th Sept is the start of the Ramadan month. I'm sympatised with the people of Sumatra. Here in Singapore, you hear people recounting their experiences with the tremors and evacuation out of thier office buildings whereas our neighbours are losing sleep cos they just lost their homes, livelihood, families and lives. May god bless all of you!

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