Sunday, April 06, 2008

had an itch all week to go book shopping. as im officially broke, finally went to the second-hand store after work yesterday. bought 3 books and paid a buck each, a bargain indeed. think my transport costs more than that!!!

got The Tangle Box by Terry Brooks, Snow Falling on Cedars by David Guterson and The Ring of Brightest Angels Around Heaven by Rick Moody. no idea when im going to start reading them, have so many books in my shelves which i bought and have yet to start on...

after that, met up with Sha for coffee. (Sha got cappuccino and I got the yummie brownie with gelato). spent more time digesting and picking out the Maxim. first time reading a man's mag. every other line we read, we laughed at the absurbity and wonder how true/exagerated/wild/stupid the girls featured in the articles.

in other news, have u heard?!?!?! NKOTB is back!!! (my inner tweenie is screaming... have to share news with ht!!!)

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