Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Managed to have a short conversation with a new colleague. As an ice-breaker, we swapped personal details and strangely the first question she (a young girl of 21) asked when I told her that I'm single and turning 28 this year is "How come you're not married?". I replied that no one wants to marry me, jokingly, when in actual fact I was angry with her, to even ask me such a question. Somehow, it pisses me off that my singlehood is a sore topic for me. Am i being too sensitive the older I get or is it others who are being the insensitive ones viewing me as an old maid?

On other news, Bapak Mas Selamat is still MIA since he escaped from his detention centre last wednesday. if he is indeed in singapore, wonder how much longer he will avoid detection, knowing how small our city is. Can't recall having a massive manhunt in Singapore ever, could be our very first. Wanted posters are being put up everywhere; bus stops, train stations, lamp posts, lift lobbys, doors of buses and even at my work's place notice boards! Even the telcos joined in forces to send his photo with his description to all mobile subscribers last Sunday. All the best to our men in blue :)

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