Monday, October 29, 2007

- encountered someone and you wish that he/she is your buddy? Last Saturday at work, I had a customer who was so chirpy and we talked as if we knew each other for ages. Her name is Vaani and she's based in Sydney. Even though we talked for abt half an hour, I knew more of her than the people I've worked with for 2 years! Before she left, she told me to give her a call if I ever wanna chat. Knowing that I'll never contact the people I met through work, I trully felt sad that that will be the last I'll see of her.

- re-read a book which you have put aside for years and realised that its so much different? Was looking for a childrens book for my nephew at my book case whilst I stumbled upon Alfian Saat's A History of Amnesia. I was reading a few pages and realised that what I thought was what I read years ago was not what I'm reading now. Maybe its due to maturity or the vast reading I've done since, Alfian's poetry is so much more darker and better than I remembered.

- seen someone you fancy but unfortunately, he's wearing a wedding ring? As consolation prize, I'll just see him from afar to fulfill my eye candy of the day.

- lied to people that you're attached when you're not (or vice-versa)? I've the habit of saying that I'm married with two kids to my customers, knowing that if I were to tell the truth, they'll look at me with pity and shame. I would be able to read their mind thinking that I'm too 'choosy" or have 'high standards'. Its easier to act as if I'm 'normal' than being myself.

- been insulted straight in the face but you pretended it didn't matter and just laugh it off, while your heart feels like its been squeezed through a straw?

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